African Gothic

Role: Sussie ◦ Director: Derek Bond ◦ Designer: James Perkins ◦ Venue: The White Bear Theatre, London ◦ May 2007

African GothicWidely regarded as a milestone in South African theatre, the multi-award winning play by Reza de Wet tells the story of their final ‘dance macabre’. Despite overwhelming critical acclaim, it was also fiercely condemned by Afrikaans conservatives as being a subversive portrayal of repression.

“Kaisa Hammarlund delivers an astonishing, powerhouse performance as the woman-child Stussie, who flits magnetically between girlish flightiness and the god-fearing, stern disposition of her mother, whose presence seems to possess her sporadically. It is a captivating portrait of a character riddled with neuroses.”The Stage