Bed and Sofa

Role: Ludmilla ◦ Director: Luke Sheppard ◦ Venue: The Finborough Theatre, London ◦ March 2011

Cast: Alastair Brookshaw and Alastair Parker with Penelope Keith as voice of The Announcer.

“Kaisa Hammarlund is deeply sympathetic as a wife confined closely to the house by a man who believes that her primary function is to cook.” – The Spectator

“Kaisa Hammerlund is simply stunning as Ludmilla, encompassing perfectly all complexities of this torn woman, and particularly captivating when mirroring an entire film in her face. Hammerlund with her Swedish heritage is well-cast for this role. A fine actress with a wide breadth and versatility, she also has a strong musical feel, coupled with steely determination to master a complex character and show that is not for the faint-hearted.” – Fringe Review

“It is impossible to take one’s eyes off Kaisa Hammarlund – her performance and singing are captivating, commanding.” – British Theatre Guide