Cockpit 2017

British Theatre Guide:

‘Powerful performances from Kaisa Hammarlund as Marie the passionate French resistance fighter.’



Kaisa Hammarlund excels as the left-wing French Marie with viewpoints too strong for her own good.


The Wee Review:

Kaisa Hammarlund, cellist turned French Resistance, is a ray of elegantly boisterous optimism in amongst the dreary defeat, though even she is forced to confront the idea that courage doesn’t solve everything.’


The Edinburgh Evening News:

‘Kaisa Hammarlund too brings natural vim to French resistance fighter Marie’



‘Emotionally committed performances from her 12-strong cast, not least Kaisa Hammarlund as former French Resistance member Marie.’



‘The fiery Resistance fighter who cannot bear the cold-blooded heroism of nursing is sensitively played by Kaisa Hammarlund’