Fun Home

“It takes the stage musical in new directions and shows it can match the piercing directness of the graphic novel. Kaisa Hammarlund, as the mature Alison, has the permanent watchfulness of the visual artist.” Guardian


“In a quiet, deeply sentimental and desperately moving way, this is an 4incredibly radical show. Kaisa Hammarlund as the adult version, gentle and assured.” The Stage 


“It reaches a level of emotional honesty that other musicals just don’t begin to touch.” WhatsOnStage


“A profound and entertaining evening” that’s “haunting but fun” Telegraph 


“An exquisite adaptation” Arts Desk 


“It is also a show that gave me my biggest surprise of the year so far: I waited and waited for *Kaisa Hammarlund *- a performer who has been steadily rising through the theatrical ranks and gave a break-out star-making performance in the title role of *Sweet Charity* at Manchester’s Royal Exchange in 2016 – to appear, until I finally realised that she was onstage the entire time, playing the oldest version of Alison, the protagonist whose childhood memories the show replays of growing up gay in Pennsylvania home. I should have checked the cast list before I went in, I know; but what a thrill to see such a chameleon transformation! She is literally unrecognisable, though the talent isn’t: I’d also spent the evening thinking, who *is* that marvellous actor?It’s an alternately fierce and tender portrait of a young woman warily watching as she grows into herself. Mark Shenton for Londontheatre.co.uk


“Groundbreaking Masterpiece” The Independent 


“A Dazzling musical-Older Alison played with wry,watchful attentiveness by Kaisa Hammarlund, standing at her desk.” Financial Times 


“Alison, the graphic novelist, portrayed by the remarkable Kaisa Hammarlund, always on stage, watching the events unfold, trying to remember every detail possible to piece together her life.”
A Younger Theatre 


“Clever and emotive-Kaisa Hammarlund’s performance as the adult Alison is so believable that it seems impossible that anyone could do it better.” The Reviews Hub 


“Kaisa Hammarlund steps into her own story in “Telephone Wire”, and leaves you wanting to see even more of her. I’d happily watch this a second time, purely to watch her watching her younger versions.” BroadwayWorld.com


“And it is achingly well done, Sam Gold’s production paring back layers of skin to leave exposed raw nerve, especially in Kaisa Hammarlund’s extraordinary, transformative lead performance. As the oldest Alison, she’s rarely off the stage, often a witness to the scenes playing out before her but she’s such an active listener, complex worlds of emotion playing across her face even in the space of a single song. You need to see the show at least twice just so that you can spend one of them just watching her to get the full richness of the work she’s delivering.” oughttobeclowns.com 


Photography by Marc Brenner.