Legally Blonde

Role: Elle Woods (Lead) ◦ Director: Anders Albien ◦ Venue: Nöjesteatern, Malmo ◦ September 2011

“That Kaisa belongs in the top layer of musical theatre artists is unmissable. She nails the part in every slight detail like a Swiss clockwork. And she does it with an expression that lifts forward both the vulnerable and fighting spirit of Elle Woods. The role is a marathon, but Kaisa Hammarlund manages the distance excelling in both singing and dancing.” – Skånska Dagbladet

“Kaisa Hammarlund…creates a fabulous Elle Woods on the stage in Sweden. She is onstage throughout the whole show and sings,acts and dances impeccably. Kaisa grabs both love ballads, pop songs and musical theatre numbers with gusto and a fantastic feeling for the different nuances. Nothing is left to chance. Expertly delivered.” – Det Händer

“There aren’t many musicals that down to the last number concentrates on one main character like Legally Blonde. She is on stage the whole time and is also the leading feature in all dance numbers. A task for a complete professional and that we get in Kaisa Hammarlund.” – SR P1 Kulturnytt