In the process, she continues to scale the heights of musical theatre glory. She’s an astonishing actor and singer; this is an intense – and intensely moving – performance of a woman seeking a miracle cure from that physical disability..

The latter is particularly effective in Hammarlund’s superb performance, contrasting as it does with the almost feral quality she gives Violet. Yet there’s still an unwavering faith in the potential for change, which Hammarlund plays not as cutely angelic, but as a fierce, fiery belief that stirs those around her.

…and Hammarlund throughout the whole runtime gives a pristine performance, which will stick with the audiences for months to come.

Kaisa Hammarlund is also impressive as the naive tomboy Violet.

Kaisa Hammarlund, recently Alison in Fun Home, sings impressively.

Hammarlund who also starred in Tesori ́s Fun Home, makes a likeable Violet, her childish glee at movie stars and preachers both sympathetic and pitiable.

As the eponymous heroine, facially disfigured in a childhood accident and now travelling across the heartland of 1960s America on a Greyhound bus to seek healing for her damaged visage, Kaisa Hammarlund is outstanding. She is a refreshingly different musical theatre heroine, and Hammarlund inhabits her fully, proving once again, after her superb work in last year, that she is as impressive an actress as she is a singer.

The singing – as it usually is at this venue- is excellent with Kaisa Hammarlund giving the full pipes to Violet ́s emotional roller coaster ride on the Greyhound bus.

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